Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Child

9/3/10 by Jeff Gordon

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As the husband gently pats his pregnant wife’s belly, the happy couple laughs over the silliest names in their baby names book.  They imagine what it would be like for their son or daughter to have this name or that.  At first, brainstorming baby names is a fun activity.  But then, sometime in the third trimester, the name game starts to get serious.

This is when the bickering begins.  The father wants to use his father’s middle name, but the wife thinks it’s a horrible idea. Or in other cases, the happy parents-to-be have the perfect name in mind but everyone tells them it’s too weird. The fact of the matter is that it’s stressful to be responsible for naming another human being. That’s why I’ve put together this list of mistakes to avoid when picking a name.

Don’t forget to check the initials

More than one child has reached school age, only to realize that their initials spell something laughable. Best case scenario, he or she gets “DUM” or “DOG”, but there are even more embarrassing combinations out there, which I’ll leave to your imagination to figure out. Just remember to check the initials of any baby name you’re considering before making it official.

Skip the rhyming names

Mary Perry might seem like a cute name when your daughter is still a baby, but it will only bring taunting and teasing once she starts school!

Watch the nicknames

There are some pretty common nicknames out there, like Jack, Jen, and Bob, but take a closer look at the nickname that’s typically attached to a name before making a decision. For example, William is often shortened to Willy, which has embarrassing connotations.

Trendy tends to backfire

Sure, you might be tempted to name your newborn daughter after your favorite Twilight character, but as she’s growing up, she’ll be one of a million Bellas or Esmes. While trendy names seem like a fun idea at first, kids usually end up despising them in the long run because so many of their peers have the exact same name.

Be unique… to an extent

Penn of Penn and Teller named his daughter Moxie Crimefighter. Original, yes, but not exactly something a young woman wants to explain every time she meets somebody new. Be original in your naming habits, but try to keep it on this side of weird, so you don’t put your kid through unnecessary hardship.

There are so many wonderful possibilities in baby names that settling on the right one for your child can be overwhelming. Just consider how your baby might feel about his or her name in 20 years and don’t share your baby’s name with others until the little one has arrived and the name is official. That’s the best way to avoid criticism from the peanut gallery.

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