How to Plan a Baby Shower

1/1/11 by Nativity Lennon

Is one of your friends or relatives having a new baby? Throwing a baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate this joyous moment in your loved one’s life. Baby showers allow friends and family members to get together and share the mother-to-be’s excitement with good food, fun, and gifts for the new baby. If you want to plan a baby shower that will remain etched in everyone’s memories for years to come without stressing yourself out in the process, follow these tips.

Baby Shower Gift Registry

When you plan a baby shower, you can make gift giving simple by creating a baby shower gift registry. Baby shower guests can check the registry online and pick a baby gift according to their budget. That way, guests won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect gift, every gift is sure to be unique, and the mom-to-be will receive items that she actually wants and needs.

Guest List Planning

Many people who plan baby showers treat guest lists as an afterthought, but it’s essential to carefully plan your guest list if you want the baby shower to run smoothly. Talk to the mom-to-be and her other relatives to find out who they want and don’t want to invite. Avoid inviting anyone the mom-to-be doesn’t want to include and make sure you’re not forgetting anybody important. Send out invitations about nine weeks in advance so everyone has a chance to RSVP.

Traditionally, baby showers are for women only, but baby showers for both mom and dad are growing in popularity. Talk to the mom-to-be to find out what her opinion is on the matter. If you choose to have a co-ed baby shower, keep that in mind when you’re selecting invitations, decorations, etc. Co-ed baby showers don’t emphasize games as much and are more like mini family reunions. For more Unique Baby Shower Invitations you can check out TinyPrints.


There’s no need to prepare a full blown, sit-down meal. To make it easier to plan a baby shower, serve finger foods instead. Finger foods require less time to prepare and encourage mingling among party guests. Just be sure to check with the mom-to-be to find out what she wants to eat and what foods she’d rather avoid. Many women have strong food cravings and aversions while they’re pregnant, and some foods are simply unsafe to eat when you’re pregnant. There are definitely do’s and don’ts of eating during pregnancy.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider holding a pot luck dinner instead. Pot lucks are fun for everyone involved and are friendlier on your pocketbook. If the mom to be is health conscious then you should seek out healthy food options.

Decoration Ideas

When selecting decorations for the baby shower, think of what kind of atmosphere you’d like for the party to have. If you’re planning the baby shower around a theme, make sure that the decorations, food, favors, and invitations you choose align with the party theme. Some tried and true baby shower themes include the following:

Under the sea




Baby footprints

Noah’s ark





You can purchase themed baby shower decorations or make them yourself if you have a creative streak. Whatever your baby shower’s theme is, some timeless decorations you can use include balloons; a clothesline with baby socks, onesies, and bibs hanging on it; confetti; flowers; and streamers. You can also use baby bottles to hold condiments like ketchup and mustard; cut the tips of the bottle nips for better flow. Providing burp cloths as napkins can also add a nice touch to a baby shower’s atmosphere.


When you plan a baby shower, don’t forget to prepare some favors for the guests to thank them for coming. Some baby shower favors that are sure to go over well with the guests include:

Scented candles

Bath and body soaps


Small picture frames

Small flower pots

Baked goods

Cookie cutters


When selecting baby shower favors, try to stick with practical items that your guests will be able to enjoy and use after the party’s over. You can make your own favors or buy ready-made ones.

Games and Activities

Part of making a baby shower successful is preparing several fun games for the guests to play. Games and activities break the ice and make it easier for the guests to get to know each other. Make the games even more exciting and competitive for guests by giving out prizes to the winners.

Some popular baby shower games include “Pin the sperm on the egg” and “Guess mom’s tummy size.” During the latter game, have each guest pull a ball of yarn to the size that they think would fit around the mom-to-be’s stomach. After everyone cuts their piece of yarn, compare the results and give a prize to the guest who was the closest! If you’re looking for more baby shower game ideas, stay tuned because we’ll be posting several right here on Land of Babies.

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    February 20th, 2011

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  2. Beth
    April 20th, 2011

    Not sure if a gift registry is all that suitable for a baby shower. After all, there is not too much a baby “needs” aside the essentials, and i think it’s nicer to let people choose some creative and thoughtful gifts to give.

    It’s not like the baby is going to end up with 10 tea towels or numerous sets of wine glasses, a la engagment party.

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