Free First Name Meanings for Popular Boy and Girl Names

3/5/11 by Jeff Gordon

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Are you still undecided about what to name your child? Naming your kid can be a difficult task, especially when all of your friends and family members want to have a say in the matter. A name is central to your child’s sense of identity and it will be with him for the rest of his life, so don’t rush the decision. Take the time to select a name that you truly like and that is meaningful to you and your family. To get the wheels turning, check out these free first name meanings for popular boy and girl names.


Isaiah: The name Isaiah is of Hebrew origin and means, “Salvation of God.”

Jayden: Jayden is a contemporary American name that means, “God has heard.”

Noah: The name Noah is of Hebrew origin and means “rest” or “comfort.”

Elijah: Also of Hebrew origin, the name Elijah means, “The lord is my god.”

Dylan: Dylan is of Welsh origin and means, “Son of the waves” or “of the sea.”

Gavin: Gavin means “little hawk” and is of English, Scottish, and Welsh origin.

Isaac: Isaac is a Hebrew name that means, “He will laugh.”

Landon: Landon means “grassy plain” and is of English origin.

Adrian: Adrian is a name of Latin origin that means “from Hadria.” Hadria was a town in northern Italy.

Connor: Connor is a name of Irish and Gaelic origin that means “much wanted” or “strong willed.”


Sophia: Sophia is a name of Greek origin that means “wisdom.”

Brianna: Brianna is a name of Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic origin. It means “high,” “noble,” or “exalted.”

Hannah: Of Hebrew origin, the name Hannah means “favored grace.”

Hailey: Hailey is a name of Irish origin that means “hay meadow.”

Aubrey: Aubrey is a name of old German origin that means “elf,” “magical being,” or “power.”

Gabriella: Gabriella is a Hebrew name that means, “Heroine of God.”

Madelyn: Madelyn is a Greek name that means “high tower.”

Zoey: Zoey is a variant of the Greek name, Zoey, and it means “life.”

Brooke: Brooke is a name of old English and old German origin that means “water” or “small stream.”

Angelina: Angelina is a variant of the Greek name, Angela, and it means “messenger” or “messenger of God.”

Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Baby

When you’re browsing through free first name meanings and deciding on a name, there are several factors you ought to consider before you make your final choice. First of all, make sure that the initials of the first, middle,

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and last names don’t spell out something laughable, like PIG. In addition, steer clear of highly unusual names that could make your child a subject of teasing. The same goes for names that are trendy right now but are likely to go out of style in a few years (i.e., don’t name your kid Obama!). Furthermore, avoid names that are so difficult to spell or pronounce that your child will have to spend the rest of his life correcting people.

The best way to find an appropriate name for your child is by looking at free first name meanings and then finding a name that matches your last name and has a meaning that resonates with you. Other tried and true ways to name your child include naming him after one of your ancestors or relatives or using a name that reflects your ethnic background. Whatever route you decide to take, good luck on your search for the perfect name for your child!

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  2. Kitty
    October 31st, 2011

    Jayden is actually a meaningless mish-mash of syllables with no meaning, and I seriously doubt Brianna means “high, noble or exalted”. I also doubt Aubrey is German and Hailey is Irish. Where did you get those meanings? Try looking on Behind the Name if you want proper meanings/origins.

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