Signs That You Have a Bad Babysitter

By Christine Lennon

Every parent sometimes worries if they have a reliable babysitter. We’ve all heard the horror stories and many parents sometimes wonder if a night out on the town with their spouse is worth all the worry. While most baby sitters will be good at what they do, there will be the few rotten apples that we parents need to watch out for.

The following are seven tell-tale signs that you might be having babysitter trouble:

Your baby is unhappy to see the sitter and changes behavior in their presence. A baby will eventually over time build a bond with a babysitter. It could be that the baby sitter is just not a warm person or like anyone maybe the baby and the sitter haven’t bonded. If the chemistry isn’t right you might want to look for another sitter. If you suspect that an element of abuse may exist, you do need to contact the police right away. If your baby’s behavior changes you should look into it.

Your babysitter is not transparent about their time with the baby. The time your baby and the sitter spend together should be documented. You have the right to hear and understand how the day went and what activities they engaged in. If your sitter isn’t upfront about it, either they’re not good at communicating or they are trying to hide something. Make sure you communicate up front with your sitter that you expect full communication each day.

Your child has been in avoidable accidents. If your child has fallen down or bumped into something just a few too many times perhaps the sitter isn’t watching the child as often as they should. Sometimes a babysitter will nap or temporarily leave the child unattended. Keep your eyes peeled for this type of behavior.

The sitter doesn’t listen. If your requests are going unanswered or falling through the cracks you may have to have a serious heart to heart talk with your sitter.

The sitter is tardy. Being tardy and absent is a tell-tale sign that your sitter is unreliable. Your sitter should honor their commitment with you and show up on time.

Your baby often appears dirty. If your sitter is unable to clean your baby than perhaps they may not be up for the bigger tasks like feeding or changing. Again make sure you don’t see any changes in infant behavior from your little one.

Their words don’t match the facts. You have to be able to trust your sitter so if they are not being up front and honest with you than you need to move on and find a reputable babysitter..

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