5 Toddler Potty Train Tips

by Nativity Lennon

Is your toddler ready to graduate from diapers? Toddler potty train experiences range from fast and easy to extremely challenging. If you’re one of a few lucky parents out there, you may not have to do much besides teach your toddler how to sit on the potty in order to wean him off of diapers. Some parents struggle immensely with teaching their children how to use the potty, however. Below are some tips that may ease the process for you and your family.

1. Only start when your child is ready

One of the most common reasons why people have problems with the toddler potty train process is that their children simply aren’t ready. Potty training becomes a lot easier if you wait until your child starts showing signs of readiness. Some signs that your child’s ready include having a dry diaper for a couple of hours at a time, showing interest in the toilet, knowing how to pull his pants up and down, and having bowel movements at the same time each day.

2. Buy your child books and DVDs about potty training

Read books and watch DVDs about potty training with your child, so he becomes familiar with the process from a young age.

3. Choose a sturdy, comfortable potty

Choose a sturdy, comfortable potty that your toddler feels secure using. His feet should be able to touch the ground, so he doesn’t feel scared of falling into the potty.

4. Use cotton training pants

Ditch the diapers and have your child use cotton training pants during the toddler potty train process. Toddlers who wear training pants tend to train faster because they feel the wetness on their skin when they pee in their pants.

5. Don’t force your child to sit on the potty

Don’t force your child to sit on the potty. If he doesn’t want to sit down, wait till he’s ready. Above all, remain calm. As long as you gently encourage him to use the potty and reward him when he’s successful, he’ll learn to do it when the time is right. Toddlers have diverse behavior but many of them follow the same pattern. Check out our Toddler Section for more information.

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