Fitting into those Skinny Jeans Post Pregnancy

By Sandra Cremore

Have you just given birth and you’re finding that all of your old clothes no longer fit? You are definitely not alone. You may have no idea what to expect after your pregnancy. Women go through so many phases during the long nine month haul and quite often they find themselves eating more. That is normal though since they are eating for two after all. Even women that work out and try to count calories during their pregnancy will naturally gain weight. In fact, some weight gain is a healthy part of every pregnancy and is good for you and the baby. So while staying in shape and eating right is always vital you probably should gain about two to five pounds during your first three months of pregnancy and one pound throughout the rest of your pregnancy. So weight gain is nothing to be afraid of. But this brings us back to those old clothes. What do you do with those old skinny jeans after your pregnancy?

Luckily there are many options for ladies who have gained a little weight. The first thing we need to “get over” are the words plus-size. Basically, the fashion world considers anything size 12 and beyond to fall into the plus size category. Anything beneath 12 is supposed to be “normal.” The fact is that most of the world falls into the plus-size category and in fact most of the women who wear that attire are absolutely stunning. It’s time to wake up. Men prefer a body that is a bit robust. They want something to “grab on to.” Clothing that is made in those sizes is just as sexy and beautiful as anything else out there if not more. Don’t be afraid to give it a try. There are many manufacturers that produce terrible ugly plus size clothing. I remember my mother wearing size 22 soccer-mom jeans that made her look like a corn-fed farmer. That’s because most of the clothing manufacturers spent their time producing garments made for the models. Well, the models are the 1% in body-type here in America. And I’ll say it again. Men don’t like models bodies. Sure they look great in a photograph but in real life… they’re just swizzle sticks.

In the meantime the rest of us need something to wear and look good. Well, most of the major fashion companies offer some nice clothing. But instead of looking at the big ones like Lane Bryant, you may want to turn your eye to some of the boutiques out there. I’ve seen some great little shops that make hot clothing that fit me great. I’m a size 18 and have very round hips so it’s taken a while. I especially like skinny jeans and boot cuts. Now that summer is almost here, I’ve been buying the capris style which have a mid-leg length. There are many sources of great jeans for women and often times you don’t have to look further than ebay or amazon. So if you just had your baby or you gained some weight, there are always clothes out there that can compliment your body and make you look great!

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