When to Plan a Baby Shower: Choosing the Right Time

By Sandra Cremore

If you’re trying to decide when is the best time to plan and throw a baby shower, the short answer is: it depends. Here is a quick overview of different situations and scheduling options for a baby shower.

Before the Baby Is Born

Most baby showers are held before the baby is born. There arenft any hard and fast rules about which month is best, though many people choose to plan a baby shower for later in the pregnancy. This provides the mother-to-be with some welcome distraction and gives the person planning the shower more time to get organized.

After the Baby Is Born

It’s perfectly acceptable to plan a baby shower after the baby is born. This could be a good option if the mother-to-be is having a tough pregnancy or is just not in the mood (or healthy enough) for a party. If you plan a baby shower after the delivery, you’ll also know more about the baby. For example, youfll know how much the baby weighs and how big he is, so you can get the proper size clothing. You’ll also know the sex of the baby.

When People Are Available

If having certain people attend the shower is very important, you might need to accommodate their schedules. Call around to figure out if anybody is traveling, sick or otherwise unavailable and then decide if you can throw the shower without those people being present. If the mom-to-be would really love to have them there, maybe rescheduling the party for a more suitable time is a good idea.

When the Parents-to-be Want It

Surprise baby showers are not as wonderful as you might imagine. After all, whatfs worse than planning a full-on party, only to find out that the mom-to-be has to go visit her in-laws that weekend and canft make it? Itfs OK to ask the mom-to-be for input when trying to set a date for the party, especially if youfre throwing a party that includes both mom and dad (itfs harder to get them both on the same schedule).

When You’re Not the Only One Planning a Baby Shower

It might be impossible to get everybody on the same schedule, which is why more and more women are actually getting two baby showers: one with friends and one with family members. If thatfs the case, plan the one for the category you fall into (family or friends) and let somebody else take care of the other one. This could make the planning much easier, since there will be fewer people involved.

When the Adoption is Complete

Baby showers are not only for pregnant women. If somebody is adopting, it could be fun (and sweet) to throw a baby shower to welcome the new baby into the family. Adoption baby showers are different in two ways. First, you have to make sure the adoption has been finalized and the baby is coming for sure. Nothing worse than celebrating and then having the adoption fall through. The other is that games or themes involving pregnancy or delivery need to go. After all, the mother didnft experience either, so she wonft identify with them.

When the First Baby Is on the Way

Traditionally, baby showers are only meant for the first child. This is because showers are supposed to provide financial help with the big-ticket items a new mom might need, such as baby monitors, a stroller, etc. For a second child, is likely the mom already has all those items, so a shower is usually unnecessary. However, many mothers do want a shower for each child, in which case it is perfectly fine to throw one. In that case, guests can focus on giving away smaller items (clothes, diapers, formula, etc.) as gifts.

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