What Is a Baby Shower?

If you’re asking yourself, ”What is a baby shower?” you might be wondering if it involves showering babies. Baby showers actually have nothing to do with water, however, although they do involve showering moms-to-be with gifts.

A baby shower is a time when friends, family and other loved ones come together to celebrate one of life’s precious moments: bringing a child into the world. It is truly a magical event for everyone who attends, as it involves life-long memories, festivities, and a great deal of merrymaking. Throwing a baby shower is quite a popular pastime in America, but it is actually a tradition that is practiced all over the world, including countries like Chile, Egypt, and France.

Traditionally, baby showers didn’t have a name. People simply held parties for expecting mothers and gave them helpful gifts. The term ”baby shower” was coined in the late 19th century. Back then, women would host tea parties for expecting mothers to discuss important issues and celebrate the upcoming child’s birth. Baby showers are an important celebration amongst women, so learning the proper baby shower etiquette will ensure a memorable celebration.

How to Plan For a Baby Shower

Baby showers are usually hosted by someone that is close to the expecting mother. This could be anyone from her mother to her best friend. Nowadays, it is even common for groups of people to host a party together, as it makes planning and paying for a baby shower more doable.

Baby showers involve many guests. Hosts are responsible for supplying entertainment, food, and drinks, while ensuring that the expecting mother remains happy and relaxed throughout the event. Planning the date of a baby shower carefully is also important. Establish a date that accommodates all of the participantsf schedules. Usually, the best time to hold a baby shower is on a Saturday afternoon, as this is a day off for most.

Baby shower decorations are easy to come by, as there are many specialty shops that offer baby shower party supplies. Pick out decorations that are tasteful and ultimately something the expecting mother will appreciate. There are also games and other forms of entertainment that help to make baby showers an enjoyable experience for all attendees. Really take your time and research how you will plan a baby shower.

When to Have a Baby Shower

It is a good idea to hold a baby shower approximately one to two months before the baby is born. It is important not to schedule a baby shower too close to the due date because the expecting mother could go into labor at anytime. This also leaves time for the expecting mother to return any items or shop for items that she needs before the baby arrives. Furthermore, if the expecting mother receives gifts that need to be assembled, such as a crib or highchair, scheduling the baby shower in advance would give her enough time to have the items set up before the baby arrives. Allowing the expecting mother and her partner adequate time to do these things will make bringing the baby home a much less stressful experience.

What to Do At a Baby Shower

Besides giving love and support to the expecting mother, baby showers are meant to be fun! It is truly a time to let loose and spend quality time with friends and loved ones. There are many fun and hilarious games that can be played at a baby shower, such as games that involve guessing the baby’s name or having guests pretend to be pregnant by placing balloons in their shirts. A baby shower is also the perfect time to take pictures of the expecting mother because she’ll probably be smiling and enjoying herself.

So, what is a baby shower? Baby showers have come a long way since the 19th century. Although most of them are attended by women only, it is becoming more common for expecting fathers to attend them, as well. Essentially, a baby shower is a time for us to bask in the celebration of life. Whether it involves sipping tea, eating cake or playing fun games, a baby shower can leave you with remarkable memories that last a lifetime. For more exciting ideas check out this baby shower article.

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